I welcome all questions and don’t mind answering them, but please check if the question is already answered in my FAQ below. If your question is not in the FAQ, either email me at or send me a direct message on Twitter.


Can you draw [this character]?

I will only draw characters from books (or other media) that I have enjoyed and liked. However, you are more than welcome to contact me on Twitter and give me a little nudge about what characters you’d love to seen drawn. I cannot promise that I will draw it, but I don’t mind ideas.

Can you draw something for me for free? 

I will not draw art for you for free (even if you are my friend), unless I have explicitly offered to draw something for you. If you like my art, please consider commissioning art from me if my commission requests are open.

I know your commissions are closed, but could you please draw something for me and I will pay you?

You can try and ask, but the likely answer is no.

I am an author/publisher/agent and I am interested in commissioning art from you to promote a book. 

Please email me at so that we can discuss what you are interested in and what I can offer.

What does commission mean?

Here’s the Wikipedia page on commissions, but in essence, it means the act of requesting services from someone in exchange for payment.

Can I repost your art?

Yes but you must give credit that is a) full, b) visible), and c) has my handle (‘readthinkponder’) included. If for Twitter, please retweet my art instead of reposting.

Can I use your art in one of my book reviews?

You must ask me before you do. If I say yes, you must include visible credit to my Instagram.