My ‘Let’s Talk About’ series are discussion posts where I talk about anything and everything of the somewhat bookish. Sharing your thoughts in the comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated!

  1. ‘Strong Female Characters’ (July 18th 2015)
  2. Why I Needed Representation as a Child and Now as an Adult (November 1st 2015)
  3. Male Love Interests – Where’s the Diversity? (November 15th 2015)
  4. Why Dystopia Matters (November 29th 2015)
  5. Why Utopia Matters (December 13th 2015)
  6. How Reading Made Me More Empathetic (February 28th 2016)
  7. What I’d Love to See in NA (13th March 2016)
  8. My Problem With The Word ‘Diverse’ (16th August 2016)
  9. The Diversity ‘Catch-22’ – Misrepresentation vs. No Representation (15th September 2016)
  10. ‘Issues’ Stories, Happy Stories & Why We Need Both (23rd October 2016)
  11. Characters with ‘Difficult Names’ (16th March 2017)