February Recap: Mini movie(?!) reviews and commemorating Black History Month


As per tradition, I have to begin this monthly recap with the age-old question: how the heck is it already February?

This month was Black History Month, which is not a part of my country’s history, but to a lot of my friends and followers, it is a part of yours. All my book reviews this month, my Book Recs post, and a Diversity Thursday Spotlight was dedicated to Black History Month, wherein I highlighted and shared books by black authors.
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January Recap: Recentering on diverse reviews, on love, and Happy Lunar New Year!


Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening friends. 😊

I hope all of you have had a splendid start to 2017. My January has been filled with a lot of relaxing, a little bit of working, and a few adventures! But it’s the end of January and my time to go back to university is fast approaching, which means that there will be some small changes to Read Think Ponder… read on to find out more. 💕

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2016 At A Glance & Onward to 2017!


Typical existential question to ask to kick off the new year: I swear I wrote a recap of 2015 last week?

But seriously folks, I want to start by saying thank you. This blog grew and flourished in 2016, all thanks to your continued support and visits. All of you are spectacular and are absolutely wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤

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December Recap: My Blog Levels Up and… I Level Up(?)


Hi friends! How are we all?

You may have noticed – or I hope you’ve noticed! – that my blog looks a little different… hopefully a little better! I’ll discuss the changes in my recap for December! This recap will be a little shorter today because we’re in the heart of the festive season, so I’ll keep it short-ish for everyone!

However, I want to highlight that I am inviting book bloggers to recommend four books to commemorate a cultural festival that is important to them! It’ll be a Festive Book Recs guest post, so if you are interested, see the details below!

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November Recap: Foreword of the new chapter in my life, Pokemon, and celebrating diversity


November was a great month for me with ups and downs. I resigned from my job, I read more, I spent more time with my friends and family, I played a ton of Pokemon Sun, and I feel well inside and out.

The not-so-great thing was that I was terrible at blogging and I completely and utterly failed at NaNoWriMo. I only published one review this month! (What is this?) But, on the upside, I posted a new page dedicated to diversity. 🌈 But, more on that later!

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October Recap: Being real; my journey with health & learning from my failures


October has a very interesting month for me – a lot of introspection, a lot of asking myself what I want to do with my life and future, and still a lot of uncertainty. Despite my hopes in my previous recap, I don’t quite know what my 2017 will look like. It’s been stressful and nervewacking, but I am soldiering on because, what else can you do?

For this recap, I’ve changed the Around the Blogosphere section a little bit – I’ll only be posting discussion posts – because don’t want this post to be too long and I want to talk about other things more. :)

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September Recap: Lessons from my work life & celebrating the book community


September has been a great reading month and also quite the emotional roller coaster! I’m sorry that I wasn’t as active in the book community this month. I was bedridden sick for a week, and then felt more introverted (and withdrawn) than usual. 😶 I’ll do my best to be more active and involved in October – though, it depends on where life and chance will take me. (My fingers and toes are crossed for a good October!)

I want to highlight two things:

  1. It is currently Latinx Heritage Month; to celebrate, I am reading Labyrinth Lost. Make sure you hop on over to Naz’s blog and participate in his event!
  2. I am now a mod at the Keep It Diverse book club! We typically read #ownvoices books, and will have discussions about them. Join us on Twitter or Goodreads! Our book for October is The Girl From Everywhere.

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