Meet The Artist / Blogger!

Hello everyone, how are you all? I hope all of you are reading some lovely and exciting books!

Today’s post is a little different to things I’d usually post. I saw some really cool posts around Instagram that were called ‘Meet the Artist’, so I thought I would do this too! So, this post is about us becoming better acquainted! A lot of you may be relatively new followers of my blog, and you may not even know me that well! So, I hope by the end of this post, you’ll know me a little better. I hope you will give me the opportunity to get to know you too. Since I ramble a lot, doing this ‘Meet the Artist’ challenge was a way to convey myself more succinctly, which I’m definitely working on!

So, here’s my Meet The Artist: 

For those of you who are not able to read the image, here is the text version:

Meet The Artist!

Call me CW, I use the pronouns she/her, I’m Malaysian-New Zealander, and I’m in my mid-20’s!
I am a book reviewer, and you can find me on Twitter (I’m pretty active there) and Instagram!


  • I have black, shoulder-length hair.
  • I wear glasses and I love glasses! I am a blind bat and I think I look weird without them.
  • My left hand is doing an awkward wave because I can be super awkward at times.
  • I don’t actually have this shirt but I wish I did – it’s a pink, slightly baggy pink top that has the hashtag #WNDB – which stands for We Need Diverse Books!
  • I’m wearing jeans! I love my Uniqlo jeans and don’t know how I lived without them before I discovered them.
  • My thighs are a wee thick, but I think that’s cool! I aspire to have strong and thicker quad muscles. 💛
  • I wear comfie sports shoes 99% of the time because I have a chronic ankle. Otherwise, I’d probably be wearing heeled things more often.


  • I love corgis! They’re my favourite dogs – in fact, animals! – in the WHOLE world. One of my dreams is to pet one.
  • I love books and art – obviously.
  • My favourite beverage is teh tarik, which is pulled tea! Sooo yummy and I prefer it over English tea.
  • I like veges! Eating veges make me feel… good.
  • I like nuance and acknowledging that things have nuance – I think the world is complex and people are so complex.
  • I like weightlifting and HIIT (high intensity interval training)! I believe that hours of cardio have significantly less benefits compared to lifting heavy.
  • RPG games are my loves! I especially love Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, and Undertale.
  • I like my majors – Psychology and Sociology.
  • I am a sucker for ice cream, especially chocolate ice cream!
  • If I watch anime, I’ll choose slice of life anime any day. Favourite slice of life anime are Barakamon, Gin no Saji, and Little Witch Academia!
  • And of course, I would not be where I am today without my family and friends. I am thankful for them.


  • Rudeness.
  • Nihilists, particularly ones that impose their nihilism on others or ridicule people that do find meaning in their lives.
  • Arrogance – from anyone.
  • Misanthropy, especially when misanthropists have an holier than thou attitude.
  • Eurocentrism. Ugh.
  • Inauthentic cuisine! I find it utterly frustrating when people take cultural dishes, give it a ‘Western flair’ (i.e. give it a stupid name), and then sell it for five times more than it would usually sell for. A restaurant I went to sold four pieces of youtiao (油条) for $18 and called it a ‘Chinese doughnut’. WHY. 

In My Bag

  • My phone (which I hope dies a natural death soon because I want a new one but I never buy new phones unless it breaks) – which always has an audiobook downloaded!
  • My headphones
  • Drink bottle! I get nervous if I don’t have one on me.
  • Wallet (boring leather one)
  • Sunnies (sunglasses) because New Zealand’s ozone has been obliterated.
  • Keys and lipbalm; if I find out I don’t have the latter while I’m out, my lips will shrivel like prunes immediately.

But, enough about me. How about you? I thought I’d share some questions just to help you get started. Feel free to answer all, some, or none of them. If we don’t already know each other – hi, nice to meet you! I hope we can become friends. Please please don’t be shy to say hello – I promise I’m a nice person who loves talking to fellow bookworms!

Questions for you! ✨

  • Hello! What’s your name, and what’s your favourite book?
  • What are some of your hobbies – and yes! reading and blogging count as hobbies that I’d love to hear about!
  • Do you have a book blog? What is it, so I can follow you?
  • What are some of your likes and dislikes?
  • What’s something that you must must must carry with you in your bag?

Well, that’s it! Regardless of whether you’re dropping a comment or just stopping by, I hope you have a lovely day!


69 thoughts on “Meet The Artist / Blogger!

  1. Well, hello there CW! It’s nice to meet you! And can I just say I find you absolutely adorable? Especially because I’m envisioning you as your little cartoon character and all I want to do is give that drawing a big hug? I love you already, haha. I’m Elena! My favorite book, as of now, is Eliza and Her Monsters and in my spare time, when I’m not reading or watching a tv show, I’ll probably be writing or playing tennis. I’m a sucker for white chocolate and Thai cuisine, and I absolutely abhor people who are judgmental or think themselves superior to others. I speak to you via my book blog and, when it comes to what I have to have in my bag, it’s my phone and a charger. More importantly though, I NEED chapstick and lotion. It seems I’m cursed with bouts of dry hands and lips haha. And fun fact: I was intending to be a psychology major until I changed my mind during my junior year of high school!
    It’s so nice to meet you, once again!

    • Hello Elena! It’s nice to meet you too, and thank you so so much for leaving such a wonderful reply!

      Awwww, hahaha! That’s so lovely. *gives you a big hug* 💛 I’m a little cuddly in real life, but not as cute as my image looks!
      Ooh I’ve never heard of Eliza and Her Monsters – what is it about?
      Ahh, great hobbies! Do you have a current WIP that you’re currently working on? :D

      I’ve followed you! 💛 It looks like your blog is fairly new, so I cannot wait to see and read your posts a little more. Do you have a Twitter by any chance?

      Ah I totally understand the urgent need for chapstick! I get so nervous if I don’t have it on me. I’ve run to the store just to buy one to carry me through the day before. 😭
      Ooh I see! What made you change your mind, and what are you studying instead now?

      • Of course! And oh goodness, Eliza and Her Monsters… It’s actually super relatable. It follows this girl named Eliza who maintains an anonymous person online but has a very, very popular web comic. She wants to keep her identity private, and she manages to, until someone who’s a really big fan of her comic shows up at her school. It basically follows her writing life, romantic life, personal life – and it’s just too perfect. I honestly probably did a terrible job of describing the story but that’s the gist of things, haha. And thank you! As for WIPs, I do have one – I’m working on rewriting a short story of mine into a novel just to get a little more character and story development in there.

        Aww, thank you! It means a lot! And I do not have a Twitter at the moment (call me a ninny haha – 18 and still can’t work social media). Would you recommend having a Twitter when it comes to blogging?

        I feel so irked when I don’t have chapstick! It’s basically a staple in my life. I’m actually going into my first year at uni as an engineering student! I was pretty set on psychology until I did an internship at my mom’s work. It totally changed my perspective on things and, as it turns out, I have some kind of knack for computers and web development. Who would’ve thought, haha.

        • Oooh! You didn’t do a terrible job at explaining at all. I actually saw someone post on Twitter shortly after reading your comment about it, and they said that they loved it! I’ll definitely keep it on my radar – thanks for telling me about it, Elena!
          That’s so awesome about your WIP! I wish you the best. Are you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, or even NaNo at the end of the year? 💛

          Hahaha, not a ninny at all! Yes, I totally recommend it! It helped me connect to others in the blogging community and I’ve made a lot of friends through it. It also gives you a platform to market/advertise yourself and your blog — or you can be super lowkey and just use it to talk to others about books and other things!
          If you do make one, please add me and I’ll give you a shout? My handle is readthinkponder.

          Ooh, that’s wonderful! Well, I’m really glad you got some work experience to give you some perspective, and that you have found something that you like. I think that’s the most important thing in uni – people go for things that they don’t like but may make them rich or give them prestige, but most of the time, they change to what they like anyway – or are miserable. :/

          • For sure! This book is getting a lot of love everywhere so I’m sure you were bound to come across it in your own time, haha. And thank you! I won’t be participating in Nano this year just because it’s such a huge time commitment, and the time crunch really puts a damper on my writing. I hate when that happens so I usually stay out of NaNo, haha.

            That makes a lot of sense! A lot of people have recommended getting a Twitter for those reasons so I’ll think about it. Maybe I’ll get it in the next week or so. And thank you so much! You’re so sweet <3

            I have a friend who's going down the pre-med track and she absolutely hates it. She's just doing it for the money so I don't know how it's going to work for her. Like you said, you're probably going to change to doing something you love or you're going to be pretty miserable for the rest of your life.

  2. This post is so cute! And your drawing is awesome.
    My name is Jessica. I’m an introvert, so I don’t interact with people on my blog too much; but, I would love to make book blogger friends. I love too many books to have a favorite (but my current faves are the Darker Shades of Magic novels). I love reading, writing, knitting, crocheting, and watching TV. I’m also a sucker for ice cream, and pasta as well.
    Have a wonderful day. And happy reading!

    Jessica @ Pore Over the Pages

    P.S. I like your blog’s revamp. :)

    • Hi Jessica, thank you for leaving me a comment! 💛
      Oh I completely understand! I’m an introvert too – after any major interaction I feel the need to be by myself and recharge. We can definitely be blogger friends!
      Ooh I quite enjoyed ADSOM, but I’ve yet to read AGOS and ACOL. I’m awful, I know! My TBR is crushing me, haha.

      Ooh what’s your favourite type of ice cream? And what sort of pasta do you like? I’m impartial to anything with mushrooms and cheese in my pasta.

      Thank you so much! I’m pleased you like my revamp! Have a gorgeous day too. 💛

      • Same. I enjoy some alone time, reading books or binge watching TV shows.

        For the Darker Shades of Magic series, you picked a good spot to stop. ASDOM could function as a standalone. But AGOS ends on a cliffhanger and you’ll be desperate to read ACOL. I usually compare them to the first 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies in terms of progression of plot: the first book is alone, and the second and third books are connected.

        I totally understand, since my TBR never stops growing. I blame my book blogging and this book community. I would never have discovered some of the amazing books I have/will read without WordPress, Twitter, and Instagram.

        I usually have vanilla or chocolate ice cream with oreo. I eat many types of pasta dishes; noodles is a staple in my diet.

        Thanks for taking the time to respond! Feel free to contact me at any time,
        Jessica @ Pore Over the Pages

        • Hi again Jessica!
          Ooh thanks for the tip! I’ll be sure to pick up AGOS when I have ACOL at hand as well. I’ve heard about the infamous cliffhanger – I don’t do well with cliffhangers at all, haha! So I look forward to reading it.

          I totally agree! I wonder what books I’d still be reading if not for the community. It also makes our job as book bloggers more important, I suppose!

          Oooh gosh that sounds delicious. I’ve never tried Oreos with ice cream before – but it sounds like something I should try?!

          Thank you too for stopping by, Jessica! :)

  3. CW! I’m so glad you did this because I recently started following you and I know nothing about you! I love the blog revamp and I LOVE all of your drawings/artwork. You are so creative and I am so jelly!

    My name is Hannah.
    I’ll narrow down #2 to my top 3 books (1) Outlander; (2) The Secret Garden and (3) The Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones (all of them).

    As far as my hobbies go, I love reading (definitely not writing), traveling (way too expensive to do with any kind of consistency), discussing books (duh), cross-stitching (my little old lady hobby) and kayaking (for when I need to drag my pasty self outdoors).

    My blog is fairly new but can be found on WordPress or at 🙂

    So my likes are mostly all of my hobbies listed above along with horses, dogs, cats and the color purple.

    Dislikes: not finishing things (anything really), being bored, watching t.v., dirty dishes, vacuuming, and my inability to keep any type of plant alive.

    And interestingly enough, I always carry with my a purse-sized copy of The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights in book form in my purse. In case I find myself out of the house without a book and my phone dies and I can’t access my kindle, I will always have something to read. I wish I could say I know it all by heart, but I’m not quite there yet…

    • Hello Hannah! It’s nice to meet you, and thank you for the lovely reply to my post! Oooh well, I’m very pleased that I wrote this post then! I hope we can get to know each other better!

      Ooh, thank you for sharing your favourite books! It’s awful, but I haven’t read any of them… I’ve heard wonderful things about Outlander and that the TV show is pretty good as well? The Secret Garden sounds very familiar – is it the same author who wrote The Little Princess?

      Ooh, great hobbies! I love travelling too, but indeed, it’s sooo expensive and as much as I’d love to travel often, it’s more like once every year or two years for me, especially now that I’m currently a student.

      Haha interesting! You don’t like watching TV? I have a friend who dislikes it too, but may I ask why? :D

      Oh wonderful! I always make sure I have something in my phone to read too – I have ebooks downloaded on my phone, so if there’s ever a moment where I’m out and have to pass the time, that’s what I’ll be reading!

  4. OH this is such a lovely post, I loved getting to know you a bit more thanks to this, and your art is stunning <3 <3 <3 I love reading and blogging obviously, but also writing, watching tv shows, planning my travels and traveling :) In my bag I always need to have the exact same things as you do ahah :)

    • Hi Marie!
      Thank you so so much! It was fun to write, though interestingly enough it took me WAY longer to write out the text. The drawing took me no time at all!
      Ahhh I love how much you travel and seeing all your pictures on Instagram! I hope I can go over and travel to Europe one day… when I have more money, I’ll make it happen!
      Hehe great minds think alike! I also have a ton of receipts and small papers in my bag, but I decided not to include that in my post, hehehe. :D

  5. This is adorable!!! I love your new theme.

    My first name is super long so most people call me AJ or Alexis. My favorite standalone is probably When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore. My non bookish hobbies include tennis & volunteering at my school. I don’t go anywhere without a portable charger or sunscreen. My phone battery dies fast and I live in California a& have fair skin so sunscreen is a must.

    • Hi AJ! Thanks so much for the lovely reply. 💛

      Ooh, I haven’t read When The Moon Was Ours yet, but I’ve had splendid things about it. I really need to get onto it and read it!
      That’s awesome! I volunteer as well, though not for my school but for a non-profit organization in New Zealand. I think volunteering work is so important and good.
      Haha, that’s great! I went through a phase where I carried sunscreen in my bag, but now that it’s winter and I’m home most of the time, the habit has died a little.
      What is it like in California? I’ve never been to the United States, but if there was a state I’d like to go to, it would be California. :)

      • California is amazing (and not just cause I live here). I live in Southern California by the beach so the stereotypical image of California you see on TV and in films is actually a pretty accurate image of what it’s like where I am. Like, I know people who ditch school to go surf. There’s lots of traffic though. Like a ridiculous amount of traffic.

        We do have some amazing Indie bookstores here!! My personal favorite is The Ripped Bodice which exclusively sells romance. Even if you’re not a big Romance reader, you HAVE to visit it if you ever come here. It’s adorable, and they have a great YA selection.

        • Ooh, that’s interesting! I definitely want to visit some day, and maybe go to Disneyland? (Disney World?) that is near LA!
          Oh wow, that’s wonderful. I only know of two indie bookshops in New Zealand, but they are soooo expensive, and books in New Zealand are expensive enough! But if I ever do visit, I’d love to go to The Ripped Bodice – that’s such a cool name too! Thanks so much for this AJ – I’m sure I’ll be thanking you in the future. 💛

          • I actually live pretty close to Disneyland (Disney World is in Florida on the other side of the country)! I can hear the fireworks that they have each night from my house. I’m so used to it that I forget it’s a tourist destination 😂.

  6. This post was lovely! <3 I love the design of your blog, and your cartoon doll is so adorable, I wish I could hug it haha Hey there! I'm Marta, and I'm from Portugal :D Choosing a favourite book is hard, but the last book I read that I rated 5 stars was A Court of Wings and Ruin, so that must be a close one? :P oh, and I adored Queens of Geek! <3 <3 My hobbies include reading and talking about books on the internet and also watching tv shows. Nothing out of ordinary there. I used to play volleyball, but not anymore, and yesterday was my first day at the gym (and my legs hate me so much right now!) One "weird" thing about me is that I love pineapple on pizza – I don't see it as weird, but my friends won't stop arguing with me about it! 😂 And just like you, I also hate rudeness and arrogance. On my bag I ALWAYS carry … well, keys, I wouldn't want to be locked out of my house, my phone, and a book. I'm not exactly a new follower of your blog, but this post was a great way to just chat. So, nice to meet you! :)

    • Hello Marta! Nice to meet you too! 💛
      Haha, thank you so much! I’m glad you like it – and if you had seen my previous designs, this is a big step up, so I’m very happy!
      Ooh I tried to read A Court of Wings and Ruin because I loved ACOMAF, but I found it so hard to get into! Is the beginning very slow?
      I haven’t read Queens of Geek but I really want to! I’ve heard such amazing things about it, and I heard that the main character is Chinese and has pink hair?! (I wanted pink hair, for a time.)

      Hahah oh dear! I hope your soreness goes away soon. (Though, a part of me likes being sore – it makes me feel like I worked out really well!) I haven’t done any form of exercise for a long time now, because I was so wrapped up in assignments and research, but I think I’ll get back into it today — hopefully.

      Pineapple on pizza! I’m completely indifferent about it, but Hawaiian pizzas are not my favourite at all. 🙈

      I’m glad you popped by to talk as well! I realize I don’t talk to a lot of people who follow my blog, and I want to change that. 💛

      • And this post was a great initiative! I also read on Twitter that you thought this was the design that you could relate the most to, and I’m happy you managed to find that! ^^
        I don’t think I had many problems getting into ACOWAR. But I was buddy reading it, so maybe that helped a little.
        Yes, Charlie from Queens of Geek is Chinese-Australian and her pink hair, if it’s like the one in the cover, is so cool! I’ve wanted pink hair too several times in the past, but it just damages my hair :(

        Thanks! I’m feeling great now and ready to go back to the gym. I won’t, however, do so before Wednesday. I have to repeat an exam :P How did your plans to work out go?

        • Aw, thank you! Yes, definitely; this is one of the first designs I’ve ever really connected to. I think I limited myself a lot in the past, but am glad I can move forward with this design!

          Ooh okay. Maybe I need to try again and be in the right mood for it! Oh that’s gorgeous. For a time, I really wanted pink hair – almost got it done as well, but like you said, I didn’t want my hair to be damaged either.

          That’s awesome!
          Ha, in the end, I didn’t do it. Temperatures in New Zealand are a record low, and I was too scared to get out of my warm clothes. The weather is warming so… maybe tomorrow! *fingers crossed* (I never used to be so undisciplined but look at me now!)

  7. Hi, CW! I’m Alexandria and I’m a fellow Kiwi :)

    I’m a huge reader and my fave book is War and Peace. I read it last year and was blown away by how good it was. I do indeed have a book blog, although I don’t post regularly.

    I always carry my phone in my bag or pocket but that’s probably the only thing I ALWAYS take with me no matter what. What I take with me depends on the time of year and how long I’m going out for and if there’s someone at home to let me in. So many variables.

    • Hello Alexandria! Hooray for being a fellow Kiwi! I don’t see enough Kiwis out in the book blogosphere, so it’s great to finally meet another.

      Ooh I’ve yet to read War and Peace, but it’s great that you enjoyed it! Thick books intimidate me – the last big book that I read was Crime and Punishment and it took me three months to finish! But, maybe I should set myself to reading a classic – haven’t read one of those in awhile.

      Haha very true! If it comes to taking only one thing, I’ll only take my phone too. :D

  8. Hello! I’m Aurora. THIS IS SO CUTE GAAHHHH. Reading is my life not my hobby lol. I also always carry my phone in my bag with an audiobook downloaded(sometimes two or three if i finish one on the go XDD). audiobooks r the best i love them soo much.

    • Anisha!! Thank you so much!
      Right?! Maybe someone from WNDB should design it. I’d totally buy it and wear it all the time, especially if it was pink.
      Corgis are the best!! I just love them so much and even though it’s unlikely, I’d love to have a corgi for my own one day. 💛
      Hahaha, definitely! I am very lucky to call you my friend. 😘

  9. Awww, CW this is sooooooo cute!!!!! My little brother loves corgis 😂 also yes at the vege love!!! Vegetables are the best!!!! Your dislikes are huge nos from me too. Can’t deal with rude or arrogant people, omg. I feel so weird talking about myself??? but I guess besides reading and blogging I also enjoy music, web & graphic design (when I’m not being lazy/uninspired), Aussie football and learning about anything weird/paranormal 😂

    • Lauren!! Hahaha, thank you so much!
      Your brother has good taste in dogs then. ;P I love them so much – I once saw one and almost cried because it was just so damn cute (and it smiled at me)!!
      I love veges too! It makes me sad when people say they dislike veges because veges are my staple.

      Hahaha believe me, I felt weird talking about myself too, since I don’t usually!
      HAHA I know you love Aussie footie, Lauren 💛💛💛 But I love it – it makes you you.

    so hi, you probably know me, but i’m maha, smol teenager from morocco, reader and blogger at younicorn reads. apart from reading and blogging, i love art and music (especially punk and rock). i’m a huge fan of vincent van gogh, frida kahlo, panic! at the disco, marina and the diamonds, my chemical romance (i know i know i’m so old school lol). my fave colour is black, and yes, i’m that kind of person who is petty over the fact that my clothes are not the same shades of black. i know i don’t look like this kind of person on twitter, and i seriously don’t know why lol.
    in my bag i always have my book(s), notebook, and something to play with in case i’m bored (sudoku, for example).

    • Hehehe hello smol Maha! Thank you so much!
      Oooh hey I love old school! I still listen to music that was popular in the early 2000’s, so I totally get you there.
      To be super honest, I wouldn’t have pinned you as a person who wore all black! But now that I know, that’s cool. Black clothes are the best clothes, though for some reason I don’t own a lot of black clothes, haha.

  11. I am so glad to see you posting again CW! And your blog’s new look is do cute and so CW-like. 

    You already know a lot about me so I’ll just keep this short. Likes: chai, esp lebu chai (Bengali for lemon tea), jogging, babies (they are literally the most wonderful things in this world), and summer storms. Dislikes: guavas, ignorant bigots, cockroaches, exotification of cultures (like trying to sell stuff like Naan bread or Paneer cheese just to make your product sound exotic, not realizing what you are selling is “bread bread” and “cheese cheese) 🙁

    Things I must MUST have in my purse: my university ID card, a pink or a nude colored lipstick, a small mirror, hijab pins, and a pack of Orbits 😂

    • Hi Tanaz! Thank you – it’s so great to be back. I’m glad you think it looks CW-like! That was exactly what I was going for.

      Aren’t babies so precious and adorable. ;-; I have such a weakness for the very chubby ones, they are just so cute and boop-able.
      I totally share your dislikes – maybe except guavas, which I don’t mind! Hehehe. But ugh yes! I totally agree with you regarding exotifying cultures. Or when people say chai tea? Which is so weird!

      Oh my gosh Tanaz, what lipstick do you use? I’ve been trying to get into wearing more lipstick, so I bought this really pretty colour called Peach Blossom by MAC but I’m too lazy to wear it most of the time. ;-;
      What are Orbits?

      • Everytime I have a bad day my sister sends me baby videos 😂 I love the chubby ones best but it’s the poorer ones that I admire–they are raised in such poverty and cruelty and yet they have so much love for the world.

        Heehee “chai tea”. That literally means tea tea. Imagine someone asking for tea tea 😂

        Makeup products are very expensive in Bangladesh so I usually wear drugstore lipsticks like Pink Berry by Model Launcher. It’s a very natural shade of pink that matches my lip color and it’s moisturizing instead of matte which I think is better because matte lipsticks can be so drying 😖. Occasionally though I wear Abu Dhabi or Cannes by Nyx or Creme Brule by Jordana. But not everyday cause they are expensive.

        Peach Blossom is such a pretty color! Sadly MAC is ridiculously expensive here so I don’t own any. And yes I get what you mean by being lazy to wear lipstick. I never used to wear lipstick either but I kind of have to atleast wear a lipstick now because in the marketing department we are all expected to look “presentable” at all times. They don’t even allow us to wear jeans! The university I am in really takes professionalism to a whole new level.

        Orbits are breath mints. I love them because they come as chewing gums (I love gum!) plus they give you a nice breath. If I can’t find Orbits though I like popping in a clove because I am a bit paranoid about oral hygeine. 😥

        • AW that’s so cute! I love that your sister sends you those videos – my sister does the same, but with dog videos.

          Haha right?! A lot of Kiwis in New Zealand don’t know that, so they say it all the time. I give them a sideeye, though I think they actually don’t know what chai means.

          Ooh I understand. Makeup IS very expensive – I bought most of my makeup in Asia where it is slightly cheaper. (In New Zealand, it’s double the price! It’s wild.)

          Oh wow! Those are some high standards. I suppose you’ll develop an appearance/beauty regime after awhile? Though, thank goodness my university doesn’t impose that – I’d probably spend an hour to get ready every day.

          OH okay! I don’t think we have Orbits in New Zealand, so that’s interesting! I hear yah about oral hygiene – in my old job I talked a lot so my mouth got super dry. ;-; Those were the worst.

  12. Heee, I love this post! And OMG MY MAIN GOAL IN LIFE IS TO OWN A CORGI. They are soooooooooooo cute! Already decided mine are going to be called Kim and Kanye. Also, I’ve just started going HIIT with my boyfriend – I’m not loving at the moment but you’re totally right, I’d much rather get my exercise done in 20 mins than an hour and a half at the gym.

    Things I must have in my purse: a snack (I get grumpy when I’m hungry), lipstick, A BOOK, phone charger and my gameboy. <3 <3

    • Hi Wendy!
      Hehe thank you! AHHHH if you ever own a corgi, I want to visit you and the corgi so I can fulfill MY dream! Oh my gosh, those names are priceless, HAHA. If I had a corgi, I’d call my Jellybean. 😂
      I completely know what you mean. I love HIIT but I hate it too, especially while I am doing it. :| And yes exactly! It’s so much more effective than constant cardio.

      Haha aw, I get hangry too! What snacks do you keep?! WAIT Wendy, you play the gameboy? That’s so awesome!! Which one do you have?

      • Haha you definitely should! Corgi love needs to be spread throughout the world! :-D And that is such an adorable name, omg.

        I’m trying to be a bit healthier so dried fruit and nuts, mainly. If I’m having a bad mental health day I get a pack of Haribo and try to make it last throughout the day. The sugar just helps, for some reason. And yeah, a friend recently let me have his gameboy – I played it when I was little but I am loving rediscovering it. It’s a DS – I’m playing pokemon for the first time. :-)

        • Awww, sugar does help! I really believe in intuitive eating – I prefer it over counting macros, which I find way too pedantic and would not mesh well with my perfectionist personality, and it makes me feel healthier. :D
          Awww that’s wonderful! Pokemon is SO much fun, and I hope you’re having a fun time rediscovering it!

  13. This is so cute!! I’ve already done a meet the artist on my art blog but I never thought of posting it on my blog!
    My name is arvenig and my hobbies are reading, drawing, blogging, playing the piano and many others!
    I have a book blog and it’s
    I like books, art, dogs and cats and friends. I dislike spiders and fake people.
    I must carry my phone, headphones, one book and my sketchbook (yes, I’ve a pretty heavy bag)

    • Hi Arvenig!
      Ooh, go for it (posting your Meet The Artist on your blog)! I was almost going to only post on Instagram, but I thought it’d be great if people who didn’t follow me on Instagram could see it as well.
      Ooh wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing! What book are you currently carrying around with you – or, what are you reading at the moment? 💛

  14. Hey!

    This post is freaking ADORABLE. Your drawings are just the best <3

    I did not know you were into lifting! I have a friend who spends her life at CrossFit and she keeps telling me the benefits. I get scared though because it's the part of the gym that's always full of boys.

    A new hobby in my life is spin class. The thing where you're on exercise bikes cycling to music with a crazy person yelling at you to GO FASTER. I am in general a very stressed out person, but whenever I leave that class I feel like some of it has lifted. Exercise really is such a gift for mental wellbeing for me.

    I hope life is treating you well xxx

    • LYDIA! I’ve missed you so much. How are you?
      Haha I usually don’t tell a lot of people because I get a lot of weird looks or laughs. (I’m 5″0 and they think it’s an odd combination.) I’ve never tried Crossfit! Apparently it’s very expensive, so I’ve never pursued it. The gym in my university has a separate area for women only, which is nice!

      I LOVE SPIN. And I’m so glad that it has helped you with your wellbeing. Fitness got me out of that too and helped me develop a better self-esteem, so it really worked for me personally.

      I hope life is treating you well too. <3 We should catch up sometime, maybe by email or somewhere!

      • I’ve missed you too! I love that your gym has a women only area. That is so nice. There is really nothing I hate more than random guys interfering when you’re trying to do your thing in a gym. You’re right about Crossfit – it is very pricey. I think it’s because – in my limited experience of knowing a couple people who do it – those involved literally spend 80% of their lives at it!

        I’m doing okay actually, thank you. It has been a surprisingly positive couple months! I would love to catch up properly. I’ll DM you my email. For the time being I’m sticking with avoiding Twitter because it turns me into a rage monster.

  15. Ahhhhh CW!!!! My eyes are burning from cuteness overload from your new design! I love it so so so much. AND I loved getting to know you a little better through your art/this post. I also like working out BUT I think I enjoy cardio a little more lol I like to participate in 5k & 10ks and also small triathlons.

    Now on to your questions…
    Hello! What’s your name, and what’s your favourite book?
    – Hi, I’m Amanda. I have lots of favorite books, but I’ll go with a classic and say Jane Eyre.

    What are some of your hobbies – and yes! reading and blogging count as hobbies that I’d love to hear about!
    – Obviously you already know reading & blogging are hobbies of mine, so I won’t go into detail there. I also like to workout, spend time outdoors, watch/play sports, attend book events, and spend time with my family :)

    What are some of your likes and dislikes?
    – I like: the colors purple & red, Australian shepherds, football (Green Bay Packers), the gym, reading, & blogging
    – I dislike: uncooked onions, peppers, spiders, water (ponds, lakes, oceans, tanks of water… I have an irrational fear of water), close-mindedness, & hate.

    What’s something that you must must must carry with you in your bag?
    – My phone & a book of course!

    • Amanda!! 💛 So sorry for my very late reply.

      Thank you so so so much for your very kind words. I appreciate them so much. That’s incredible! I used to run a lot but I can’t anymore because if ever I do, my ankle will hurt for the next week… but that’s incredible. Run all the K’s for me! 💛

      I haven’t actually read Jane Eyre. *hides face* But! I’m pleased to hear it’s a favourite of yours, so that gives me some motivation to read it in the future.

      Oooh, what sports do you like to watch? I don’t usually watch sports myself but I have friends who are avid sports followers!

      I had to google Australian Shepherds, and, AAHHHH SO CUTE. ;_; They are so adorable! Do you have any pets, Amanda?

      • Well my running days are numbered. I have bad knees (runs in my family) and will eventually need both my knees replaced… technically I am not supposed to be running… but if I’m going to replace them anyways I may as well use the ones I got until then lol

        Jane Eyre is a wonderful book! It is definitely more gothic and a darker read, so just make sure you are not expecting a happy & light hearted book lol

        My son plays football & lacrosse, so I like to watch those. I am also a Ohio State University (college football) & Green Bay Packers (NFL football) fan.

        I actually own an Australian Shepherd with one blue eye and one brown eye. Her name is Mocha :)

        • Oh no!! Please take care, Amanda. 😔
          Ah, thank you for the forewarning regarding Jane Eyre! I actually have no idea what it’s about, and I might’ve expected a lighter read – or, as light as classics go anyway.

          Ooh! The only sport people really watch in New Zealand is rugby, and sometimes cricket. But NZ is such a big rugby country, it’s almost part of our national identity, which is a little lame.

          AH oh my gosh, that’s gorgeous. One of my friend’s dogs has heterochromia too; it’s so pretty!

  16. Hi there! I’m Eva. You’re art was beautiful and it was nice to read more about you! So here’s a bit about me: I’m from Belgium and I love to live here. My city is beautiful. I’m 15 years old. Thus on the younger side of the book community. In my free time I read and blog. I have a book blog! It’s called Brilliantly Bookish and you can find it here if you want : 😃 I also like to do creative stuff, like photography and scrapbooking. I always do something different, because I get bored quickly if I do the same thing over and over again. So I work in small projects and then I do something else. My free time also consists of Netflix and YouTube. It’s just too addicting. Something I really hate is when people feel better than others. Ugh. In my bag I always have my phone and a book. Wont leave the house without one.

    • Hello Eva! I’m sorry for my late reply.
      It’s nice to meet you!
      You’re certainly on the younger age of the community, but I do hope that you feel welcome in the community despite. Glad to have you with us! 💛
      Thank you for sharing your blog with me – I gave it a follow!
      I like that idea of doing different things and trying new things and hobbies. That’s super awesome! What is a small project that you are working on right now? 💛
      Ooh are you reading a good book right now?

      • Hi CW! That’s not a problem at all. It’s nice to meet you too! I do feel very welcome in the community. No one has been mean to me and everyone is so welcoming! Thanks for the follow😃 At the moment, I’m scrapbooking about my road trip and I’m making videos for the Booktube-A-Thon! I’m very excited about both. I’m not reading anything right now haha. I finished #Girlboss before going to bed and I’ve just woken up. It was an okay read. Sadly, I had the wrong expectations.

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