10 YA/MG books to be excited for in May 2017!

Hello friends! I hope all of you are having a good weekend.

I can’t tell you guys how excited I am for May and all the fantastic books that we’ll finally get the opportunity to read. To share my excitement with you all – in the hopes that you’ll be excited too! – I made a list. 

So let’s get straight to it: here is a list of all the books I’m excited for this May!


Always and Forever Lara Jean by Jenny Han

  • The last installment to the Lara Jean trilogy! YA contemporary romance
  • About Lara Jean, who is biracial Korean-American, and her last year of high school
  • Will probably explore going away to college problems, family things, and her romantic relationship
  • need need need this last book right now but I also don’t want it to end! 😭

Always and Forever Lara Jean on Goodreads, Amazon, and Book Depository

Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman

  • A YA contemporary coming-of-age romance – apparently super cute and fluffy and wonderful
  • Pitched to be about ‘finding yourself – and finding love – in unexpected places’
  • Has a diversity of characters – Samoan best friend, black love interest with a disability (also apparently super awesome!!), lesbian best friends
  • Explores family, friendships, and home

Girl Out of Water on Goodreads, Amazon, and Book Depository

The Emperor’s Riddle by Kat Zhang

  • A middle-grade adventure (yes please!) and is a family-trip turned rescue adventure in China
  • Brother and sister are on a quest to save their aunt from her nemesis – has treasure from the Ming dynasty, maps, maybe puzzles?
  • The characters are Chinese!
  • Explores brother-sister relationships, growing up, and probably all the adorable MG themes that come with

The Emperor’s Riddle on Goodreads, Amazon, and Book Depository

Noteworthy by Riley Redgate

  • A YA contemporary with singing and a hint of romance
  • Main character is a bisexual Chinese-American, who cross-dresses to get into the a cappella group called the Sharpshooters
  • Explores bisexuality and gender fluidity; the Asian-American experience and Chinese cultural values are explored too (yesss!!)
  • A lot of diversity!! I want this book so bad, sobs

Noteworthy on Goodreads, Amazon, and Book Depository


The Seafarer’s Kiss by Julia Ember

  • A YA fantasy-romance, with Norse mythology
  • Also a retelling of The Little Mermaid!
  • Has fat representation, bisexual representation, and disability representation — and a f/f romance!
  • Apparently starts as a cute fluffy romance to something super dark and becomes a plot twister (I have no idea how or why! I must know!!)

The Seafarer’s Kiss on Goodreads, Amazon, and Book Depository


That Thing We Call A Heart by Sheba Karim

  • A YA contemporary with Muslim Pakistani-American characters
  • Pitched to ‘defy conventional stereotypes and set against a backdrop of Radiohead’s music and the evocative metaphors of Urdu poetry
  • Story centers on love and all its forms – familial, friendship, and romantic
  • Also explores sexuality, desire, self-worth, and identity

That Thing We Call A Heart on Goodreads, Amazon, and Book Depository

Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy

  • A YA contemporary romance about figuring out your sexuality
  • The main character initially identifies as lesbian, but realizes that she may be bisexual instead
  • Love interest is black, and apparently explores issues of race and class
  • Explores living in poverty following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina

Ramona Blue on Goodreads, Amazon, and Book Depository


Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh

  • A YA fantasy set in feudal Japan – not a retelling of Mulan!
  • Main character is Japanese, a samurai’s daughter, and cross-dresses to infiltrate a clan and uncover the secrets of why they are trying to kill her
  • Interweaves Japanese mythology into the narrative
  • I expect it will feature Ahdieh’s beautiful storytelling and descriptions about food, clothing and scenery!

Flame in the Mist on Goodreads, Amazon, and Book Depository


I Believe In A Thing Called Loveby Maurene Goo

  • A YA contemporary romance, perfect for people who love K-dramas
  • Main character is Korean, straight A student, probably Stanford-bound but is hopeless at love… so she watches her dad’s k-drama and learns the way of love and romance
  • Also explores father-daughter relationships (yes please)!
  • An Asian model on the cover of the book! ❤

I Believe In A Thing Called Love on Goodreads, Amazon, and Book Depository

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

  • A YA contemporary romance that is adorable and hilarious
  • Main characters are Indian-Americans whose parents have arranged for them to be married
  • Interweaves Indian language and culture into the narrative
  • I started the eARC last night and it’s so good so far, oh my gosh

When Dimple Met Rishi on Goodreads, Amazon, and Book Depository

Aren’t all these books so beautiful? And exciting?! 

I can’t wait to read all of them — though, for me, I probably won’t be able to read them until June because it’s assignment time for me. *sobs*

BUT, I hope that if you get the chance to read them, that you’ll enjoy these books!

  • Are there any books on this list that you hadn’t heard about?
  • What book are you excited to read in May?
  • Have you figured out a tbr for May? Or, what do you intend to read in May?

34 thoughts on “10 YA/MG books to be excited for in May 2017!

  1. I’ve had the privilege of already reading WDMR, Girl Out Of Water and Noteworthy and I can most definitely vouch for them all! They are such great books and so well written! I can’t wait for others to read them!

    • Hi Anisha!
      Oooh that’s amazing news! I’m so happy that those three are amazing – they’re the ones I’m particularly excited for.
      Thank you for the vouch! I’m so excited now. ;-;

  2. Fantastic list – I can’t believe how many great books are being released this May, I can’t WAIT to read them all! I had the chance to read Noteworthy early and I loved it so much. I’m the mooost impatient to read Flame In The Mist and Lara Jean <3 <3

  3. I’m SO KEEN to read The Emperor’s Riddle – sounds like exactly the kind of book I’d have loved when I was MG-age <3 And I'm with everyone who's excited for When Dimple Met Rishi, so awesome to see these fun rom-com style books with great cultural rep.

    • Hi Wendy!
      Right?! Me too!! It sounds kinda similar to Grace Lin’s books, which I love to the moon and back, so am very excited to read it!
      Haha I agree! The cultural rep is so awesome, and I’m enjoying it more so because of it. Can’t wait for everyone to read it and share the joyyy. :D

  4. There are so many amazing books coming out this month, and I am so excited for all of them! Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post and thanks for putting this all together! <3

    • Hi Zoe!
      I totally agree! May is such a beautiful month of book releases. I’m especially excited for I Believe in A Thing Called Love.
      You’re so welcome! Thank you for stopping by and for all the kind comments, as always!

  5. There are a few on here that I hadn’t heard of yet, so now they too are on my tbr haha. Someone please sponsor me so I can get my hands on all of these amazing books *sobs* Also please someone do all my schoolwork for me so I have the time as well 😂

    • Hi Michelle!
      Aw yay! I’m happy to have introduced you to a few new books. I’m so excited for these, so it makes me super duper happy.
      HAHA I’m looking for someone to do all those things for me too. The holidays cannot come soon enough!

  6. All of these are ones I’m anticipating too! I got to read an ARC of Girl Out of Water and its amazing! I really want a lot of people to read it. Also I’m reading Noteworthy right now and while I’m not enjoying it as much as I wanted, I’m pretty sure you’ll really enjoy it!!

  7. I was already anticipating The Seafarers Kiss, but I hadn’t seen The Emperor’s Riddle! Thank you for putting it on my radar :) I keep forgetting to mention to you that I read a book called The Crystal Ribbon by Celeste Lim that I think you might enjoy. If you are a Grace Lin fan, I think you’d like The Crystal Ribbon.

    • Hello Amanda! I hope you are well. <3
      Hehe you're welcome!! Happy to introduce you to such wonderful books!
      OOOH YES! I currently have that downloaded as an audiobook – I expect to finish The Bone Witch's audiobook today so I'll be starting The Crystal Ribbon soon. I'm sooooo excited, and am indeed a Grace Lin fan!

    • Hi Lauren!!
      Yes yes! I first became interested in it because I saw that you were talking about it on Twitter. I can’t wait to read it too.
      Ahhh yes, such good books this month. We are blessed. <3

  8. I am so happy that I’ve read half of the books on your list and they were amazing! Also, if you were a cupcake flavour, what would you be, CW?

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