Introducing Festive Book Recs: I need your help!

I really love doing book recommendation posts. I love sharing books with all of you, and I also love it when some of you recommend some books to me — and let’s be honest, some of you make the best recommendations.

I recently did a book recommendation post and its theme was about dongzhi which is a festival that I celebrate with my family. My intention was to do this for all cultural festivals I celebrate or observe, but then a thought occurred to me: wouldn’t it be really cool if fellow bloggers and readers recommended books to commemorate holidays or festivals that are important to them?


Introducing: Festive Book Recs

As you all know, I want my blog to promote diversity and celebrate identities, or things that are important to a variety of people. For this feature, I will be taking a backseat and letting you take the reins. My goal is to provide a platform for you to talk about and share something about your culture/identity and intertwine it with our love for books!

In case you missed it or you don’t have a Twitter:

So, what is Festive Book Recs?

Festive Book Recs is my new feature, where I will invite book bloggers to share and talk about a festival/holiday/event that is important to them and their identity. I want Festive Book Recs to be a celebration of identity – whether it be cultural identity, ethnic identity, gender identity, sexual identity, and so on!

In each post, book bloggers will talk a little about their chosen festival/holiday/event, what it means to them, and maybe a little about what they do to celebrate. Then, they will finish off the post by recommending a few books!


The guidelines

I do have some small guidelines, so I’ll make them as simple as I can!

  • Your chosen festival/holiday/event must be one that you celebrate in relation to your identity/heritage.*
  • I will not feature any holidays that promote or commemorate histories of violence, colonialism, or anything that may be regarded as harmful.
  • I require at least two weeks to prepare and schedule the Festive Book Recs post. Any submissions later than two weeks before the festival/event/holiday will not be accepted.
  • Individuals are entitled to withdraw their participation of this feature at any time.
  • I retain full discretion on what is published on Read Think Ponder. Any content that may be harmful will be removed.

* A big thank you to Glaiza for helping me with the wording! I was stumped for a looong time.


Interested? These are the steps…

1. First, email me on or direct message me on Twitter @readthinkponder (I prefer this) that you are interested. Share with me your chosen festival/holiday/event.

2. We will discuss whether this is okay/not okay and discuss the specifics.

3. Complete the form (below) or email/Twitter direct message me the answers! (To get an idea of what the post will look like, visit this post!)

4. What I will do:
a. Format the post for you
b. Create a banner for you
c. Create all the required graphics for you

5. We will discuss when to publish the post, and once everything is proofread and all okay to go, it’ll be published!


Still interested? Please complete the form!

Please Twitter direct message me or email me to discuss your idea before submitting the form below.

I will respond to your submission via your preferred method of contact within three days.


And that’s it!

I want this feature to be as stress-free as possible (for you and for me), so if you are no longer able to participate, don’t fret! It is completely okay by me, and you are under no obligation to do something you no longer want to do. Above all, I want this to be fun and I want this to be an opportunity for people to share parts of themselves and their identity, and for others to join in celebrating that part of themselves.

So, I hope that some of you will be submitting some ideas! It’d be wonderful to have a very diverse list of festive book recommendations.

And as always, if any of you have any questions about the feature, please do not hesitate to ask! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments – in case others have the same questions too! – or email/Twitter DM me to ask in confidence.

Have a good day, everyone!


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