Cover Reveal: The Bureau of Time

the bureau of time

With Christmas around the corner, I was given a wonderful, early Christmas gift: I was given the privilege to participate in a cover reveal. If you guys know my blog, I don’t often partake in these events because, for me, my book blog is more personal than it is an avenue for promotion and marketing (maybe one day though!). Nonetheless, I couldn’t say no when Brett (@BrettMichaelOrr) asked me to take part in the cover reveal for his debut, The Bureau of Time.

THE BUREAU OF TIME is the debut YA SF/thriller novel from Brett Michael Orr, available early 2016 on all digital reading platforms, including Kindle, Kobo, iBookstore, and more. Stay up-to-date with The Bureau of Time by following @BrettMichaelOrr on Twitter!

I have been following Brett since I started my account on Twitter. If you know Brett, then I am sure you are well acquainted with his friendly and warm personality (SERIOUSLY HE IS JUST VERY NICE), and that The Bureau of Time has been on the precipice of success for a long time now. More so, Brett recommended me A Thousand Pieces of Youwhich I loved.

To Brett: Congratulations! And despite the fact that you are an Aussie and I am a Kiwi and therein exists a Trans-Tasman rivalry, I AM PROUD OF YOU, MATE.

Okay enough gushing CW, let’s talk about The Bureau of Time.


You can not change fate.

Cassandra Wright is a Timewalker – a teenager with a genetic mutation that allows her to manipulate the flow of time. But her inexplicable powers have made her a target for Adjusters – monstrous assassins from a parallel universe.

Saved from almost certain death, Cassie is pulled into a secret agency sworn to defend our timeline against these threats: the Bureau of Temporal Integrity, Monitoring, and Execution. Cassie’s life soon becomes entwined with Shaun Briars – a reckless Timewalker with an alluring smile and dark suspicions about the Bureau itself.

When Cassie and Shaun cross into the parallel universe, they discover a world in the grips of nuclear winter, with a new war threatening to spill over into our universe. With time running out, they must learn the true history of Timewalkers, confront the unforgivable crimes of their future selves, and defy their own fate to save two worlds.

This sounds hella awesome right? TIME WALKERS. ASSASSINS. PARALLEL UNIVERSE. EXISTENTIAL QUESTIONS. What more could you ask for?

But, y’all are probably excited for the cover reveal and want to see the cover.

So, I have the great pleasure of sharing Brett’s The Bureau of Time book cover.





The cover is awesome, right? And you read the title directly above right. YES FRIENDS, The Bureau of Time is now available on Amazon! They are available on the American, Australian, Canadian and British stores, or your localized store!

Furthermore, from Brett’s website:

It’ll soon be coming to iBookstore, Kobo, and other major digital reading platforms – so keep checking your local store, or #TheBureauOfTime on Twitter to stay up-to-date!

If you’re keenbeans for the book and are thinking of treating yourself to a copy of The Bureau of Time (like me!), maybe we can buddy read? Share thoughts after reading? DISCUSS? ♥


4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: The Bureau of Time

  1. I have to say, I find NZ/Australian dynamics quite interesting because you always seem to bicker but when it comes to facing the US/UK, you two always have each other’s backs. XD The cover is super pretty, too — I think I’ll nab it after I finish my Christmas stack.

  2. This cover reveal looks spectacular CW, thank you so much for bringing my cover to life and sharing news of my novel’s release with the world!

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