Read This? Watch This!


I’m super excited to do this tag, you wouldn’t believe!

So, some things will be done differently in today’s post! Firstly, I recruited my lavaaaaly little sister to help me with this tag, who was ecstatic to help me come up with ideas and anecdotes. For the second thing, it may be apparent that I never use gifs in my reviews or posts, but for today I will be using a few gifs to help persuade you to watch my recommendations! (Next post with gifs will be in 2016, probably.)

Thank you to Aentee from Read at Midnight for tagging me; I’m going to go a bit nuts with this. And maybe do more than five. And maybe mix up the rules a bit.


I.  Create five Book-TV Pairings.

II. Tag your favourite book bloggers/booktuber.

(I’m going to change the rules a bit, but to those I’ve tagged, you do not have to follow what I did! Feel free to do Book-TV pairings; I just don’t watch as much TV. I’m going to do 3 movies and anime each, plus 1 TV-book pairing. Just for fun.)

If you’ve read: The Young Elites by Marie Lu


You should watch: Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)

Why: Both The Young Elites and Kyoukai no Kanata centre on individuals with supernatural/demonic powers and the everyday to fantastical afflictions of their condition. Both are fantasy, though Kyoukai no Kanata has more demons, supernatural powers, and the occasional fun filler episode. (It’s a short anime, so it’s only 12 episodes too!) Whilst The Young Elites takes a darker twist than Kyoukai no Kanata, both book and anime explore the humanity of its characters and how lost, lonely souls intersect with each other – finding meaning and themselves along the way.

(Also, the animation in Kyoukai is awesome. And yes, she is using her blood as a weapon.)


If you read: Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell


You should watch: Psycho-Pass

Why: Both book and anime share common themes – analysis of the surveillance state, exploration of the interplay between institution and power, and how society and its people internalize with and exist within a system. Whilst Nineteen Eighty-Four examines how one individual subverts the established system and Big Brother, Psycho-Pass is how a young law-enforcer works in conjunction with the system (the Sibyl System) to enforce justice. Both have some incredible (and scary!) plot twists, excellent storytelling, and compelling narratives on dystopia, society, surveillance, and control.

(And below is the Dominator – a gun that can pass ‘judgement’ on criminals based on their emotional states, also known as their eponymous Psycho-Pass.)


If you’ve read: The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan


You should watch: Wolf Children

Why: Both book and anime are an exploration of the tribulations of growing up and family. On a very personal note, Wolf Children is one of my favourite movies (not just animated movies, but movies) of all time, and frankly no movie has made me cry as hard. It is a beautiful, heartfelt story about motherhood, belonging, and unconditional, enduring love, with some fantastical elements – the children are half-wolf, half-human. (And now I am tearing up thinking about it. Is there a support group for people who’ve watched Wolf Children? Anyone?)


If you’ve read: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


You should watch: Pans Labyrinth

Why: Though Pan’s Labyrinth takes a more fantastical twist, both book and movie explore the impact war has on children. It focuses on how children, in their innocence and childlike wisdom, cope with the disasters and traumas of war, and their steadfast resolve to do anything to protect whom they love. The ending of Pan’s Labyrinth is a compelling point of discussion. And though it may be dark, graphic, and haunting, Pan’s Labyrinth is actually really beautiful.

If you’re read: Red Rising by Pierce Brown


You should watch: Snowpiercer

Why: If you’re like me and you love a good book or movie about oppression and rebellion, then perhaps you will enjoy Snowpiercer. Instead of outer space, the last of humankind live on a train after attempts to reverse global warming created an ice age. Whilst the rich and powerful live at the front of the train, the poor and powerless live at the back in a slum-like compartment. What follows is a thrilling, heart-stopping, and at times disturbing rebellion as the lower echelons fight their way to the front. As much as I enjoyed Snowpiercer, be warned: it is not an easy movie to watch.

If you’ve read: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


You should watch: 50/50

Why: Though both book and movie share a common denominator – cancer – whilst The Fault in Our Stars centres on a romance, 50/50 is a raw portrayal of the struggles with his new diagnosis and how his cancer affects his family and his friendship with his best friend – some, unfortunately, less than ideal. It is an exploration of how people perceive, behave, and think in the presence of someone dying, and also an analysis on the effect it has on the sufferer themselves. 50/50 tackles these questions with wit and humour, but also has its earnest moments of self-awareness. A really great film. (Though, don’t watch it with a young audience or with your parents, unless you enjoy the awkward silence that follows a sex scene.)

If you’ve read: Saga by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples


You should watch: Firefly

Why: Okay, correction: even if you haven’t read Saga, you should still watch Firefly. Before it was unjustly cancelled in 2003, Firefly ran for 14 (awesome) episodes. Even with its short run, Firefly found its way into my heart. It is a space-western, and follows the crew aboard its eponymous name. Not only does Firefly have one of the best characters (and you find a way to love them all), it has some truly fantastic writing – sometimes hilarious, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes serious, and always awesome.

One of my favourite quotes from Firefly:

When you can’t run, you crawl. And when you can’t crawl, you can’t do that… You find someone to carry you.

(I AM NOT SHEDDING A TEAR.) Joss Whedon, give us Firefly Season 2 please? Pretty please?

I tag these lovely people, some of them my newer followers (HELLO!):

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this tag as much as I enjoyed writing it!

To close, let’s slip off our bookish shoes for one moment: What is your favourite movie, TV show or anime? :D Any recent discoveries or recommendations? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

37 thoughts on “Read This? Watch This!

  1. Omg I love your list! I totally need to check out Snowpiercer now! I’ve been meaning to watch Psycho Pass for the longest time– it sounds sort of like Minority Report as well? I love the artwork as it’s by the same mangaka who did Hitman Reborn. Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my top movies of all time, all the more reason to read The Book Thief!! Fantastic post and beautiful artwork, as always!!

    • You’re too kind, Aentee! Snowpiercer is awesome but sooo difficult to watch (for all the right reasons). I think you’d enjoy it for its storytelling and its themes. :)

      Psycho-pass is really up there with my fave animes. It’s a really great sociological one, super thought-provoking, and yes, like Minority Report! (Though I prefer PP!) Both seasons are great too and the writing is spectacular.

      Yay Pans Labyrinth! Such a great movie, though I felt a little melancholic at the end. WAAAAH AENTEE, I KNOW IT WAS ALL REAL!!

  2. Such beautiful artwork *_*

    Kyoukai no Kanata looks really interesting! I don’t typically watch a lot of fantastical animes but this one looks really good (and I could marathon it in a day)! I think I’ve seen stills from the Wolf Children before but I never went to seek it out. I’m definitely going to check it out now since it’s so highly recommended :D

    • Kyoukai isn’t as developed as I would have liked but the animation and its ideas are reasons enough to watch it! I don’t usually watch fantastical ones either; I prefer slice of life! :)

      You muuuuust watch Wolf Children! It sort of destroyed me though haha (physically, mentally, emotionally…) but soooo good and heartfelt. ;_;

  3. That sounds super familiar! I’ll have to check it out! What are some of your favourite anime? I’m always trying to find new ones. *u*

    If it does, I am here for you. ♡♡

  4. Yay! I love these pairings. I do not usually watch anime, but I am willing to try some, especially since you love these ones!

  5. I’m not a TV person but these movies sound really good! Someone at school was explaining Snowpiercer and another person and I kept trying to point out the logic issues with it XD But in my defense, I’d never seen it and his description just had plot holes everywhere. And he spoiled it so there’s that…..

    • Aw lame! I’m sorry it got spoiled for you. Snowpiercer isn’t really a movie that needs a flawless plot to work and be a good movie. It’s more of a movie that is more focused in its ideas and themes. So I would still watch it anyway, if you’re up for it! :)

  6. Omg!! I’M EXCITED FOR KYOUKAI NO KANATA!! Thanks for this, CW! I have a copy of that and watched the first ep. I’m still finishing a high school-based anime (should I call it Shonen/Shoju? Idk) though called My Little Monster. Do you watch dystopian anime too? Parasyte and Psychopass are my favorites!! :)

    • Let me know what you think of Kyoukai no Kanata when you finish it! c:

      Funny you mention My Little Monster, because my friend recommended that to me the other day! Have yet to give it a go though – I’m making my way slowly through FMA. Taking me forever! But I’m loving it so far.

      Yes yes Psycho-pass! One of my favourites. <3 My sister watched Parasyte! Is it any good? I got a bit put off because it was very visceral. ;W;

    • Pan’s Labyrinth is great. Kinda creepy and haunting, but just punches you in the gut in the end, haha. ;_;

      AHH YAY a fellow Firefly fan! <3 Saga is really, really awesome. Totally recommend it. :) I hope you enjoy it!

      I hope you enjoy them too! *fingers crossed!*

  7. I love how you describe all those books and movies and TV shows – they all sounded so interesting, and it makes me want to read and watch them! Unfortunately I haven’t read and watched any of them (but all the books are in my TBR list. Hehe.), although I’ve seen the movie version of The Fault in Our Stars. Great post and this is a fun tag! Excited to do it! :)

  8. I’ve been thinking about this post ever since I saw you tagged me (thank you so much by the way! :D) but I can’t for the life of me come up with any good connections! Maybe I’ll do this tag later sometime if I come up with something :D

  9. How have I not heard of Kyoukai no Kanata or Wolf Children?! They sound like anime made for me >.<

    Ahhh Psychopass! I could write an essay on that anime. Seriously. If I'd watched that anime when I was still studying anthropology, I would have somehow used it as a pop culture media example in analysis on medicalisation, deviance and the perception of normality. 1984 is probably perfect pairing for it too!

    It is such a chilling anime (some of the graphic scenes in relation to sexualised violence made my stomach churn) but it was also really philosophical and I loved it for that reason. I don't think I've watched a cyberpunk anime like this before. Though I was a bit disappointed by how the second season meandered without a clear focus due to the rambling writing.

    On a good note, I love Pan's Labyrinth so much.

    • YES YES. I made all my friends watch Psychopass (as I do) and we had these amazing sociological and philosophical discussions on it! Oh, I can see where you are coming from with regards to S2. There were some parts that went over my head, but with better pacing, I think it would’ve made more sense. I did like Kamui as an antagonist, but I liked Mikishima better, esp for the ending.

      YES particularly the first episode. That really scared me. Have you seen Ghost in the Shell? That one is really good, though you have to do a lot of searching to really find its themes.

      Pan’s Labyrinth is beautiful. The ending is so gut-wrenching and haunting, but so poignant too. I desperately want to believe it was real, but the realist in me thinks otherwise. :/

      • I never finished watching S2 of Psychopass but now I’m curious about the ending. I also saw random episodes of Ghost in the Shell (and one of the films) when I was growing up. I liked Matoko’s cyber-human being but I don’t think I fully comprehended the world when I was younger, so it’s an anime I need to re-watch someday. oo The ending to Pan’s Labyrinth is so bittersweet!! The whimisical part of me believes that it was real but I definitely think in the ‘real’ world, the ending…was the heartbreaking one.

        • Hmmm I quite liked it. It was certainly different to S1! I think it wraps up fast but it wraps up well nonetheless.

          Yeah, do! I liked the movie a lot – really conveyed so many ideas with such excellent storytelling. I am sad they are going to make a remake though… Scarlett Johansson is playing Major Kusanagi, which just makes me go “????????????”

          IT IS! It was heartbreaking. ;_; But I kinda loved the ending for its rawness. You wouldn’t get this sort of ending in Hollywood blockbusters, tbh.

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