The Creative Blogger Award!

I have a few tags and awards lined up, so it’s a relief that I can post one today! Thank you to all those who tagged/nominated me; you’re all beauties and I’ll get to them soon (I promise)!

I have had the privilege of being tagged by the lovely Giselle at Hardwork Boulevard and the sweet Summer at Xingsings. Thank you both for nominating me, especially from two fantastic bloggers!


  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Share 5 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate some bloggers in return and notify them about their nomination.
  • Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do.

My Five Facts! (Wherein I mask the fact that I am boring by trying to be interesting.)

1. Before entering the WordPress blogosphere, I ran a ‘site’ on Neopets (I’m no longer active; Neopets is too good of a time-sink for my own good). And today, I feel brave enough to share it with you all. It is called The Teahouse, and it was a tea-themed graphics site (with Neopets influences for obvious reasons) with a little host called Rica (a play on my Neopets alias). I loved running it, drawing up little graphics for people to use for free, and writing little stories for my site. Ah, the good ol’ days!

Here are some examples of the graphics I drew!

2. Aside from reading, exercising is probably the other thing that consumes most of my free time. I usually bicycle, run (in the summer time), and lift weights. Every so often I get fixated on a certain muscle groups that I want to grow more – last month it was my shoulders, this month it’s hamstrings. (I think next month will be my delts/back.)

3. When I read paper books, I keep a blank piece of paper as my bookmark. As I read, I record my thoughts and ideas on the piece of paper — themes, quotes, ideas, speculations, anything. It’s nice to look back after finishing the book and read all of your thoughts. (It helps with writing reviews, too!)

4. If I could be a bender from Avatar: The Last Airbender, I think I would be an Earth bender – even though being a Water bender would be really really cool. Whilst I’m on the topic of Avatar, my favourite season (of both series) would be Legend of Korra Season 4That season blew me away.

5. I only buy books that I’ve read before and liked. I hate that feeling of disappointment and feeling cheated after purchasing a book, reading it, and discovering that I disliked it. (The book that instigated this self-imposed rule was The Hunger Games. Please don’t hate me.)

Phew, writing facts about yourself is hard.

Today, I nominate:

Aentee at Read at Midnight 
Aentee writes thorough, readable, and incredible reviews, and she has great taste in books! (She’s introduced me to Red Rising, which I loved.) She’s also a talented graphics-maker, and her graphics are also gorgeous; I love looking through her blog because of them.

Jenna at Reading with Jenna
I haven’t been following Jenna for long, but I love reading through her reviews. They are eloquent, fantastically written, and I like how her voice shines through in her writing and how she addresses and talks about themes in her reviews. Also, she’s currently doing her PhD in Psychology — I hope to be like her one day!

Jessie at Books at Dawn
I haven’t talked to Jesse much, but I know that he’s a really nice person with these dreams of writing – and I think that is really, really awesome. His reviews are accessible and succinct with these creative, colourful headers that he’s made – it’s so clear that he has put a lot of effort into his blog, which is something that deserves recognition.

Lydia at 22 is still young adult
My goodness, I love reading Lydia’s reviews. They’re wonderfully structured, beautifully written, and I enjoy those little moments in her reviews when her voice really comes through, adding that extra-something to her writing. I’m looking forward to reading more of Lydia’s reviews. :)

Kelly at Dancing Through the Pages
I love that visiting Kelly’s blog is like getting a shot of her positive energy. I love that her blog comes from her passion of dancing and reading; it’s so awesome to see her personality in her blog. Plus, we both love Mulan – so that’s a bonus right there. c:

Trisha Ann at The Bookgasm
Trisha Ann is super sweet and really friendly, and her reviews are incredibly thorough and in-depth. She puts a lot of thought into her reviews, and how she addresses a wide range of elements of the books she reviews.

And now because this tag took so much longer than I expected (two hours; why am I such a slow writer?), it is past grandma’s bedtime. (As in, my bedtime. I am the grandma.)

Have a fantastic day everyone, and I hope you enjoy the books that you are reading! 


40 thoughts on “The Creative Blogger Award!

  1. You ran The Teahouse?!?! I was a huge neo player and had some sites and yours was one of my favorites!! This is the coolest thing I found out all day.


      Oh gosh, I’m giggling to myself now. I was so set on no one recognizing it, hahaha! One of my new friends knew The Teahouse before she knew me. We couldn’t stop laughing for ten minutes.

      Did you ever run a site? :D

    • I can’t read, you just said you ran sites, haha! Lord, I’m sorry Sydney. It’s like 12am here and it’s past my working-lady-bedtime. What were they, if I may ask?

      • I ran Golden Neopia (a site competition thing) and I wrote a coding guide called Decoded. We must have talked a few times because people always nominated you GN!

        • This is so weird, I thought I replied to this!

          And I vaguely remember talking to you! I remember Golden Neopia as well – I think it was one of the very few competition sites that I liked. Haha, isn’t that uncanny? It’s crazy our lives can intersect after so long, and of all places!

          • It’s really so crazy. I would have never thought that we would cross paths like this! It’s so funny how we both started on Neo. It took up such a big chunk of my time when I was younger.

            • Me too! But it’s nice to know that someone could understand my fondness and I’ll-never-go-back-though feelings towards site-making. How do you feel about the community, looking back?

              For me too! In hindsight, I don’t regret it too much. Because of my knowledge of coding and design, I’m doing that stuff for my job! So things have a weird way of coming together!

              • Looking back on the site-making community, I think it was good. There was so much competition to make the best sites that I know that I got better at creating quality content and I became well-versed in HTML & CSS. I tried to go back a couple years ago and start up GN again but it really wasn’t worth it. We were definitely on Neo during the heyday of sitemaking. It’s pretty dead now, which is unfortunate. After Cass (Soroptimist) left it really went downhill.

                • I think you and I feel the same way. :) The first time I quit, it was with a lot of bitterness, esp over how competitive and petty some people became. But when I quit for good, I think it was better. I don’t feel that resentment anymore.

                  I tried going back to it as well, but all my friends were gone and it wasn’t the same. :( That’s true! Those were the good old days. XD

                  • So true about how petty everything was! And yeah its hard to go back because it seems everyone quit at one point.

  2. OMG I wish I found you during my own Neopet days, your teahouse would have been the greatest. YOUR ART IS FREAKING AMAZING GIRL. I love talented artistic soul because I couldn’t draw a realistic stick figure to save my life <3 <3 Oh my goodness I am so chuffed we are friends you think my graphics are decent fashfjshh!

    Sounds like you do more exercise in a day than I do in a year lmao. I am embarassed! I used to use paper as bookmarks but then I found etsy. Now Sailor Moon accompanies me on my reading adventures, it is grand!

    AND OMG YOU LOVE AVATAR. I AM DONE. <3 <3 <3 isfdsifhs I think I would be a Fire Bender *nods* But all of my faves are airbenders :D omg Korra <3 That last season was superb, but I prefer the first series overall!

    • I WISH I FOUND YOU TOO! Ah, at least we have here!

      THANK YOU!! I wanted to be a graphics designer at one point, hence why I put so much stock in my art, but noooope, hehehh.

      Wah thank you thank you, you’re so kind. ;_; I’m blushing like craaazy.

      • You totes have what it takes to start cashing in to be quite honest. Even if it’s on more casual terms. I mean people are offering little old me money for my graphics, they will def be interested in your artwork :D If I had your talents I would be rushing off to making my own society6 store eons ago haha.

        <3 <3 <3

        • Aw you think so? I’ve always considered it but I’m scared that it isn’t good enough tbh.

          But your artwork is beautiful! Mine is a bit kiddy and cartoonish, would there be a market for that?

          What’s society6? Is it an art store website? :o

          • Yes, people upload their art, it can then be purchased as prints, mugs, towels, coasters etc… and you get commission for it :) Heaps of bookish stuff on there. And people LOVE cartoonish art, have you seen craftedvan or hellohappyart’s etsy stores? They sell cute bookmarks and I think they are making bucketloads from it, from how quickly their store sells out. I SUPPORT YOU IN THIS 100%.

            • AHH that’s intense. OKAY I shall have to investigate this stuff, and I’ll check out those stores! Thanks so much Aentee. :’) I have a feeling you’ve introduced me to a monster, hahaha!!

  3. I’m just going to sit here and flail over your drawings again. AAAAH ALL THE PRETTIES. And ooh, your notepaper-as-bookmark trick sounds pretty nifty — I shall definitely try it out sometime, since forgetfulness is the main reason for my lack of reviews. Congrats on receiving the award!

    • Thanks Alyssa! Hehehe. :D
      YEAH it’s great! I’m forgetful too, so it helps a bunch. Plus, once you finish a lot of books, you have this pretty collection of bookmarks, hehe. C:

  4. Thanks for tagging me! I have no idea how to create graphic designs on the web but I know that it’s difficult and that you’re VERY VERY incredible. I’m planning to watch Legend of Korra too as soon as I get a copy. Tha rave on that thing is just insane! :) I still have a lot to learn as a blogger but thank you for your heartwarming feedback on my reviews :)

    • You’re welcome, Trisha Ann! You deserve the nomination. c:

      Awww, I’m not that good! You should see other people’s illustrations. Mine is just simple!

      Yes you must! Legend of Korra is awesome. The first and second season aren’t that good, but the third and fourth is AMAZING. So it’s worth holding out. :)

  5. Thank you so much for tagging me! I love reading through all of your reviews too. And all of your drawings are beautiful (so much blog envy). I wish I had the talent to make such nice artwork.

    I should totally write my notes in a notebook and save them all. I usually just write notes on my phone and delete them as soon as the review is written. It would be nice to have a record of everything.

  6. Just discovered your lovely blog after you recently followed me today! I’m glad I found you! That’s a really cool thing to do, using a blank piece of paper as not only a bookmark but as a little notepad to jot down ideas and notes about the book!
    The way you nominate bloggers is so lovely and sweet! I know quite a few of the bloggers you mentioned and I agree with what you say about them. This was a wonderful post that I enjoyed reading! I hop to see more of you soon. xoxo

    • Hi Josephine! Haha, I’m glad I found your blog too! Your blog is lovely. n_n (And you liked Chaos Walking!! YAY!)
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I can’t wait to see more of your posts too! <3

  7. Well I didn’t know about Neopets until that time you mentioned it, but The Teahouse looks so cool. The kawaii mini cups and pots are the cutest things ever. You are such a talented artist! Do you plan to use a lot of animations (like the Made You Up book cover) in your reviews and posts? They look like a lot of work but they’re absolutely beautiful. And thanks for participating, I really enjoyed learning more about you, Chooi!

    • Aw, thank you! I’m glad you liked it. n_n The Teahouse was such a big part of my life back in the day, but I don’t regret all the time I’ve invested in it. I can look back on it and be proud, rather than resentful that I spent so much time on it.

      I think I will! I am dreading the ones with human faces, but hey, I’ll give it a go! :D

      Thank YOU for nominating me! I really appreciate it! <3

  8. You’re awesome! Thank you for the nom! Creativity sure does take a lot of effort but I wouldn’t stop for anything!
    I’m laughed when you called yourself a grandma, because I say the same for myself. Yes I’m a guy but I still refer to myself as a grandma! Haha

    • You’re awesome too Jesse, and thank you too!

      HAHA I really am! I get up at 6:50am for commute, so I have to sleep at 10:30pm – 11pm. It’s embarrassing when I’m out with friends, and then I get super tired around then! Hahaha, it’s okay you can be a grandma!! :D

  9. 1. I was a Neopets player a long time ago but I remember giving up when I’d log on and find my pet starving every time and not having anything to feed him/her but some of that free omelet you can get everyday XD I didn’t even know you could run stores! Well I guess that shows exactly how much of a noob I was when it came to that came lmao.
    2. I wish I was fit. I think it’s super cool that you exercise and like to focus on strength because that would be my primary focus if I worked out often. I need a lot of work on my arms. Those are just flabby.
    3. I think this is a great idea! I just wish I had some invention that would stick a pencil to my book because that’s the problem I end up having when I used to try this trick.
    4. I’ve never watched Avatar in it’s entirety but this I really want to! I think I’d like it a lot.
    5. YES. I AGREE SO MUCH. In fact, I was considering making this into a complete blog post because I felt like I was the only one that did this. I don’t like wasting money or shelf space on books that I didn’t like. I’m a collector of books, but only of books I enjoy.
    Awww thanks for your sweet words! Sometimes I worry that I come off as a little too sarcastic but it’s great that I end up being quite positive.
    Thanks for tagging me, Chooi!

    • Haha, awesome! Tbh, the site community was super small and niche, so it’s not a bad thing that you hadn’t heard of it! :)

      I’m sure with your dancing, you’re fit too! I’ve been building strength + muscle for a lonnnng time now. I don’t take protein shakes or anything because that stuff is SUPER expensive (and I can’t afford it!). Heheh, my arms were why I started in the first place! My sister made fun of me incessantly about how I had no arm muscle. Now I can prove her wrong!

      Haha, I completely get what you mean! Sometimes I’m in my nice warm bed, and then I find this incredible quote and my pen is beyond arm’s reach. XD I have to scramble out of bed!

      AVATAR IS SUPER GOOD! Seriously, you won’t regret watching it. It’s a fantastic show and wonderfully animated and written. :D

      AHHH YAY someone who thinks like me! I don’t either, and I hate looking over to my bookshelf and thinking, ‘ugh I spent $20 on you’. Heheh, I guess that makes us buddies! I’m definitely the same. :)

      You’re very welcome! I was happy to nominate you. c: I don’t think you do – I think it’s personality, and I enjoy reading it. :D

  10. Number three is such a great idea! I need to start doing this :D and I do number five as a RULE xD I hate buying a book not knowing if I’ll like it or not. When I buy a book, it’s kind of like a trophy. Like, “yes, this book, i read and loved it”.

    • It is great! You can get all philosophical by yourself or just completely word vomit, and it’s fun to look back on what you read. :)

      Haha I’m glad you understand me! I hate it too, though there has been the (VERY) rare book that I knew nothing about, bought, and loved. (Vampire Academy, Winner’s Crime are examples!) yes that’s true! Like a collection of books that you have read AND loved. :)

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