A personal post and a little bit of a life update.


So I thought I would write a personal post today, which is something I have yet to do on this blog. My life has been quite tumultuous lately, and I feel like I have this obligation to write something. Don’t worry though; this post will be somewhat related to my reading life!

Two weeks ago I started a new job. It’s my first full-ish time job after finishing university, and though this job is not ideal (then again, it isn’t permanent either), I am thankful that I have a job and can make a dent in my student loan. For the past two weeks, I’ve worked full time hours, and I feel exhausted after work. More so, I used to sleep at 1am daily, but because I have to get up for work and prepare and so-and-so, I go to sleep at 10:45pm. I lament to my friends that I’ve become an old working person. This really hit the nail on the head when I was out with a friend and had to interrupt our deep, invested conversation to tell her that I had to go home because I had to sleep. I’m not sure if this is how twenty-somethings should be living, but here I am, and things could be much worse, I suppose. (My attempts at optimism are really weak but I get points for trying, right?)

As my free time has been radically curtailed, I have had less time for reading which means I’m writing less reviews. Though I still have a little read before I sleep, I try to read when I’m on the bus, when I’m on my lunch break and when I’m waiting for dinner to cook as well. My parents always make a joke that I’m under a lot of self-afflicted pressure to read, read, read, but truthfully, I just really love reading and I’ve embraced it to be a hobby that I unashamedly invest a lot of my time and effort in. I guess when you are starting a new job and it’s difficult to relate to the people at your workplace (all of the people working there have children and are at least twice as old as I am), reading keeps loneliness at bay. Don’t worry though — I still see my friends when I’m not reading, though I feel that social interaction feels so contrived these days. Maybe I need better company.

At the moment, I am reading Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. I am not sure if I am well equipped to write a review on this book. It’s truly fantastic and I feel like I am reading one of Murakami’s greatest works, but I feel like I am not familiar with abstract/surreal literature enough to fully grasp the ideas that he is trying to convey.

More recently, I won two Goodreads giveaways. I won The Golden Widows by Isolde Martyn and Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. I have started the former, though the more I read this book, the more my poor knowledge of history on the War of the Roses is starting to becomes apparent. However, after I finish Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, I intend to pick up a young-adult novel so I can establish a sort of balance in my reading life.

To explain: I feel like I need to read two books at a time – one that is serious and one that is less so (or at least something that is very easy to read). I feel like I am reading two serious books at once at the moment, which, I think, is beginning to make me feel uncomfortable, so I want to return to a sense of equilibrium soon. (If it doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry, it doesn’t really make sense to me either, but if it makes sense to you – great!) But really, I don’t know if this reading philosophy that I have is because of my need for balance or my need for jouissance.

Speaking of jouissance, I miss studying so damned much. People have always talked about how the transition from study to work is quite big and different, but I think I underestimated the impact it would have on me. Going from something that inspired me everyday, something that I was so passionate about and something that I loved to mundane, mindnumbing corporate work was not easy. I felt overwhelmed. I felt like I had lost an important part of me, and I felt devastated. Two weeks later, I don’t feel entirely upset anymore, though I do miss studying a lot. 
Anyway, it was nice writing on this blog (I feel like I am writing for myself/neutral-but-affirmative audience) and it feels nice. But, I think the next time I’m in the library, I’m going to pick up some sociology/psychology books and read them for fun. sigh the idea of it makes me really happy. I think I shall do that this weekend.

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